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Recommendations to improve the effectiveness of your Leanlipo treatments:


You will be given detailed advice at your consultation but the following advice will help you to maximize the benefits of your leanlipo treatments.




Before treatment

  •  Please come well hydrated and drink plenty of water just before the treatment (1.5 litres). If the cells are well hydrated the process of fat 'cavitation' will be enhanced.

After Treatment 

  •  Drink plenty of water (1.5 litres) to ensure the system can work effectively and efficiently and help with lymphatic drainage.
  • Consume a  low carb/processed food intake, avoiding  fried and food high in saturated fats
  • Avoid Alcohol for 72 hours after each session to enable your body to prioritise the metabolism of  the broken down fat cells.
  • avoid caffeine  - 
  • Try to undertake 30 minutes of  cardio exercise a day - brisk walk, jog, swim, dancing, aerobics, spin, combat, cycle etc, this will greatly enhance the lymphatic drainage of the toxins post treatment.
  • We strongly recommend combining this with a weights programme to tone the body 2-3 x per week to help increase metabolic rate through increased lean muscle mass (yoga, pilates, free weights, kettlebells or  home exercises using your own body weight i.e lunges, squats, push ups, sit ups and tricep dips). 

Suggested Menu plans post treatment (72 hours)

These are nutritious, natural and protein rich meal plans to prevent overloading the already burdened system on breaking down the circulating fat cells. It will help you get the best results from your Leanlipo treatments by fully hydrating the body and providing nutrients to support  liver and kidney function to remove the toxins:


  • Lemon and hot water on rising
  • Juice to reduce toxins - 1 fennel, 1/2 cucumber, ginger, 1/2 lemon and 1 green apple
  • Juice Liver Lover - 1 beetroot, 2 handfulls of spinach, 3 carrots, parsley.
  • Juice to maximise hydration - handful of brocolli,1 pear, 2 celery sticks and mint. 

To make all these juices blend all the ingredients together till smooth and enjoy a real energy boost!

along with :

  • Quinoa or oat porridge with flaxseeds/ pumpkin seeds blended and sprinkled on top 
  • Avacado on rye bread/ wholemeal toast
  • Boiled or scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast or rye bread
  • Berry and nut mix - raw walnuts, raw almonds, raw pumpkin seeds with strwaberries, bluberries and raspberries
  • Full brekkie  - mushrooms, asparagus, spinach, eggs and tomatoes grilled with goats cheese.


  • Omlette 
  • Sweet potato wedges with bean salad
  • Butternut squash and lentil soup : 3 lb olive oil, 1 red onion, garlic clove, 1 pint water, 750g butternut squash chopped and deseeded, lentils, 1 carrot, 1 tsb buillon powder, ginger, lemon juice - boil for 15 mins then blend ingredients. 
  • Watercress, roasted onion, chickpea  and pistachio salad: 1/2 red onion, cut up into chunks, 1 tsb olive oil, chickpeas drained and washed 1/2 can,1 garlic clove finely grated, cucumber slice, raw pumpkin seeds, raw pistachios, 70g Dressing - 2 tbsp oloive oil, lemon juice, 1 tsp tamari and 1 tsb agave syrup.
  • Hummus with crudites (red peppers, carrots, celery and carrots.
  • Beetroot, spinach, feta and walnut salad 


  • Buckwheat noodles with mixed bean and tofu salad; 125g buckwheat noodles, courgettes, mangetout,  carrot,  dry  roasted cashewnuts, 4 tsp sesame oil, 2 tsp tamari, 125g smoked tofu, Cook noodles then rinse in cold water. Cook tofu for 2 mins in sesame oil before adding to salad. Dressing - white miso paste, 2 tsp sesame oil, ginger, 1/2 tbsp rice wine vinegar, 1 tbsp lime juice, 1 tbsp olive oil.
  • Butternut squash, garlic and onion with brown  risotto rice with walnuts
  • Spicy bean burgers with sweet potato cajun wedges
  • Chickpea, onion and sweet potato stew 
  • Artichoke, feta , roasted garlic and beetroot salad
  • Asia tuna salad; 350g tuna steak, cut into strips, 3tbsp soy sauce, 1tsp wasabi paste, 1tbsp sake or dry white wine, 200g mixed salad leaves, 150g baby yellow tomatoes, halved, 1 cucumber, sliced in wide fine strips
    Dressing : 
    2tbsp soy sauce, 1tbsp lime juice, 1tbsp agave syrup and 2tsp sesame oil.
  • Salmon, spinach, almond and feta salad;2tbs olive oil, ½ lemon, juiced, Freshly ground black pepper, 60g smoked salmon, about four small slices.
  • Harissa roasted chicken, shallots and sweet potato: 150g skinless, boneless chicken breast, ½ small sweet potato, peeled and chopped roughly into large cubes, 2 shallots, peeled and quartered, 1tbsp harissa paste, Spinach and broccoli, or salad leaves, to serve. 1 Cut the chicken breast into three or four pieces and place in a bowl with the sweet potato and the shallots. 2 In a small bowl, combine the harissa paste with 1tbsp water. Pour over the chicken and vegetables and mix thoroughly, making sure everything is coated. Cover and leave to marinate for about 30 minutes. 3. Preheat the oven to 220°C/Gas Mark 7. Transfer the chicken and vegetables to a wide baking dish and cook in the oven for 18-25 minutes. Check that the chicken is cooked right through before serving. 4. Serve with wilted spinach or steamed broccoli, or with a light salad.

With these recommendations the permanently damaged fat cells that can never regenerate themselves after the Leanlipo treatments, will not be replaced by new ones  due to a sedentary lifestyle, particularly if your job entails hours of sitting at a desk or from poor nutritional choices.

Feel free to e.mail us for any further queries or advice...

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